Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday Newsy Bits: Pandora, Sessions Fest, X-Fest Blogs

A couple months ago, I wrote about attending a talk hosted by Tim Westergren of Pandora.com and a couple follow up posts urging you to call your Congressperson and sign a petition. Pandora is an amazing site, and support for the site, and internet radio in general, has resulted in bills in both the House and Senate to reverse the new royalty structures that would all but eliminate all internet radio. (BTW, that is ALL streaming music online) I also recommended that local musicians submit their music to the site. Adam Gimbel was at that talk as well, submitted music from Rookie Card, and now Pandora has five Rookie Card songs added to it's library with full "music genome" analysis and recommended similar artists for each song. It is a great opportunity for unsigned bands to gain exposure to a nationwide audience with targeted music selections. Go to Pandora.com for more info, and send those CDs in to Tim.
I don't know why I got the exclusive from "CDW" (that's CatDirtWife to you), but some news about the summer concerts for this year! Unfortunately, there will not be a Golden Hill Block Party this year (probably because I drank all the beer last year), but Sessions Fest is happening.

It is scheduled for September 15 at Golden Hill Park.
Acts confirmed so far:

Vinyl Radio
Fifty On Their Heels
MC Flow
and The Muslims and The Atoms are both maybes.

I would expect a few more acts will be added...Mika Miko maybe? The New Motherfuckers? CDW does it right so it doesn't really matter. Just plan on being there.

Basically here's your September Calendar:
September 15- Sessions Fest
September 23+24- Street Scene
September 28- SD:DialedIn Birthday (Ken Club?)
September 29+30-
Adams Avenue Street Fair

I love these. I'm not even making fun or joking. Music is for everyone and everyone likes what they like and more people should write about it and be excited about great things happening in San Diego.

More X-Fest Reviews:

Maria loves Jared Leto.
Jeanette 84 had a great time.

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