Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday ramblings

Yesterday, I arrived at home to find a plumber in my bathroom with a hole cut in my ceiling, my dog tied up to my front door and my door left wide open so my cats had escaped. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. They were supposed to have been gone by the time I got home. Instead, they were there until 8:30, so I completely missed the free screening of Once and also the opportunity to nap had I opted to check out King Kong, Bunky, and The Vision of A Dying World at the Casbah. Instead I sat home channel surfing between Wednesday Night Fights, ET/The Insider, then settled in to Catch and Release, a chick flick my landlord let me borrow (starring Indie 103.1's sexy sports guy, Timothy Olyphant) My life is very exciting. Since generally it's a slow news day, I'll just throw some links around in case you're interested.

First, since one can find as many Google results claiming that anti-smoking commercials don't work as results that say they do, I've never really paid much attention. The Truth Campaign has evolved into the WHUDAFXUP? Campaign. (The government saying What The Fuck's Up? wtf.) This ad, however, kinda stopped me in my tracks because it really looks like Nick Cannon is gonna kick this guy's ass for a second. See the ad here. Mostly, I just wish the "above the influence" anti-pot spots would go away.

Second, if you're not a regular reader of CatDirtSez, there's a burrito war going on over there!! Check it out and chime in here.

Last, I haven't been posting much in the way of new music but these are some CDs that I've had on heavy rotation that you might wanna check out:

"This Too Will Pass" The One AM Radio
"Get To The River Before It Runs Too Low" (ep) Sea Wolf
"Ode To Ochrasy" Mando Diao (Playing at the Casbah on Monday for Anti-Monday League)
"Trading Twilight For Daylight" Great Northern (Playing Beauty Bar on June 1)
"Granddance" Dappled Cities (Playing at Beauty Bar on July 26 with Tokyo Police Club)

I still have a bunch of CDs to break-in. I think I shall lock myself in my house this weekend. Should be a good one, too...tonight is Music Trivia/Name That Tune at the Ken Club, Tomorrow is Patrick Wolf and Dynamite Walls at Beauty Bar, Saturday I have to choose between the basement party with Grand Ole Party and the Muslims or opt to catch Western States Motel at the Whistle Stop, Sunday I might be tagging along to X-Fest, then you can find me at the Casbah two nights in a row (Mon & Tues). Weee. No bad channel surfing posts for at least a few days...


Jay Allen Sanford said...

Did yer cat friends make it back inside okay???

Unknown said...

hells yeah! electric soft parade are great and 10X better LIVE!

Rosemary Bystrak said...

Yes, the kitties came home. One had me chasing her around the yard at 11 pm, but eventually they were all in. Today the same guys are painting. I'm pretty confident the cats are out again.