Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The fate of San Diego Sports Club

The word on the street is that the earliest show possible at the San Diego Sports Club will happen on June 1. The club was issued a cease and desist (somehow the city skipped the temporary restraining order part) and met with city attorneys on Monday. The issue is the decibel level, however this seems to be a precedent setting case, in that the allowed level for noise is reached by most bars and venues by ambient noise alone, without any music or bands playing. In this case, one angry neighbor has complained and the city is acting. Is the Sports Club being unfairly targeted? Is the city just intent on closing the doors for good? I happen to think so. The mediterranean restaurant attached to the Sports Club has been sold so as a conspiracy theorist, this is more about a land grab and not appeasing one shitty neighbor. SDSC is probably going to countersue the City. They are being made an example and love the Sports Club or hate it, the enforcement of such a low noise standard could reverberate across the city for other venues that you know and love. Rumors are that the Beauty Bar is facing similar penalties and has one more chance before action is taken as well.

I will post as more info becomes available.

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evervess said...

Assuming the SDSC is abiding by the City's Zoning Code (which would include allowable decibel levels), why is the City allowed to proscribe a lawfully allowed activity within that zone? If the City tells me I can't do something that the zoning code allows, they are taking my property, plain and simple, and I should be compensated.

Another aspect of this is that it is annoying as f*** when people move to an area because the rents or sale prices are cheaper and then get angry about the reason that the area was cheaper in the first place. Don't expect suburban peace and quiet in a residential zone if you are adjacent to a commercial/entertainment zone. If you live off University in Hillcrest you can't expect Rancho Santa Fe quiet.

I'll get off my soapbox now-- we still love you, Rosemary.