Wednesday, May 23, 2007

SD:Dialed In Concert Guide In This Week's Citybeat

I contributed a "summer concert guide" for this week's CityBeat. Just wanted to note that 1. I was asking for Cheetah Girls tickets for my 8 year old God sister; I think PussyCat Dolls should have a minimum age limit of 18 because to me, they're basically strippers. Also, my list was written before the Crowded House show at Humphrey's on August 24 was announced. I was limited to 6 but Morrissey (June 3, Viejas Concerts at Bayside) would've been #7.

Rosey says Jesus will git you
Six summer concerts thou shalt not miss
by Troy Johnson

Blogging's hip. Real hip. It's so hip that your aunt who always wants to crochet you something knows it's hip. She knows it's hip because she's got a crocheting blog.

It's so hip that CityBeat finally started its own blog ("Last Blog On Earth," which has the hip acronym of LBOE, as in the human joint—get it?!). Of course, we were hardly the first. In our local-music issue a few months back, we featured our favorite San Diego music bloggers that have been spewing late-night scene reports for the last year and a half or so. They are tireless fans, every bit as indispensable to the San Diego music scene, if not more so, than CityBeat.

One in particular, however, never sleeps. Her name is Rosey. Judging by her blog at, the woman is literally out four to seven nights a week, hitting upwards of 15 different shows.

Unlike some of us snobs, however, Rosey is inclusive. Sure, she'll spend four nights a week hanging with indie-fags at The Casbah or Beauty Bar or Ken Club, but she'll also openly pine for tickets to Joss Stone or even The Pussycat Dolls (for her little sister, or so she writes).

We asked this ear-plug vampiress to guide us through the summer, to give us her Top Six Summer Concerts You Cannot Miss Or You Will Be Destroyed By A Comet, Sent By Jesus, Who Digs Rock Music.

She obliged, and we have no doubt she'll be at every one of them. We thank her for her relentless support of the scene, and we worry for her well-being.

June 5

Manu Chao @ Viejas Concerts at Bayside

Rosey says: "Last year, San Diego got to experience the rock/funk/reggae/Latin music that is like no other and will get your booty shakin'. For people who feel San Diego lacks diversity, come to this show and see otherwise."

June 10

FM 94/9 Independence Jam @ Devore Stadium

Rosey says: "Huge outdoor venue. Huge headliners like Interpol, Kings Of Leon and Spoon. $40 flat [ticket price] with no service charges. Showcase of San Diego's best local bands [Grand Ole Party, Mr. Tube, Transfer, Scarlet Symphony, etc.]. You can't put together a better mini-festival show than this."

June 27

True Colors Tour @ Open Air Theatre

Rosey says: "The tickets are quite expensive for this touring festival, but proceeds benefit the Human Rights Campaign, which promotes solidarity and support for the GLBT community. Imagine the sing-along during Cyndi Lauper's ‘True Colors.' I'm crying already." Editor's note: Also playing are Deborah Harry, Erasure, Margaret Cho, The Dresden Dolls, The Gossip and The Misshapes.

July 25

Lyle Lovett & KD Lang @ Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay

Rosey says: "Even if you think you're not a fan of country, Lyle Lovett will get to you in a way you didn't think country music would. Worth it for his stage banter alone."

Aug. 11

Squeeze & Fountains of Wayne @ Viejas Concerts in the Park

Rosey says: "Squeeze haven't toured since 1999. This show will make you realize just how many Squeeze songs have been engrained in your head over the 30-plus years they've been a band. Fountains of Wayne will be touring on their new release that should help get ‘Stacy's Mom' out of your head."

Sept. 22 & 23

Street Scene @ Del Mar Fairgrounds

Rosey says: "Yes, we wish it was still downtown in pre-stadium days and, no, we have no idea yet who will play. But this is a San Diego mainstay whether you like it or not. Quit your bitching and just go. Complain after."



Unknown said...

So the white stripes just posted the tour and no Street Scene or SD shows.

So whose headlining Street Scene??

lyn said...

pumpkins on sunday for street scene.