Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday Newsy Bits

Let's get right into what I've missed, shall we?

First, happy belated birthdays to Tim Pyles and Action Jackson...I hope you both had great ones.

Second, Paris Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in jail and bloggers are going crazy about it. is a guilty pleasure and I never understand why she doesn't just get a driver. If you've ever seen her pull out of Hyde, she's a menace on the road and the fact that she was driving on a suspended license, especially when she's followed and photographed 24/7, just prove that she's a complete idiot.
San Diegan Joey Pearson, won the "SingerUniverse" best vocalist of the month competition. He's a 15 year old who lives in La Mesa and has been performing for almost half his short life. I'm not particularly a fan of R&B, but I guess I'd listen to this kid over 90% of the Idol contestants.
Political Rant: I've read numerous post-Coachella reviews, comments, blogs, etc. People have talked about Rage Against the Machine and comments made by Zach de al Rocha. Most of what I've read are words of praise for what the singer said (of course, reflective of the media I tend to read):

"Our current administration needs to be tried, hung and shot. We need to treat them like the war criminals they are."

There's so much to say about this that it's hard to know where to begin. I am more left than a lot of people feel comfortable with, and I not only vote in every single election, but I've helped out campaigns that I believe in and have volunteered several times for and personally, any respect I might've had for Zach and his political bent shot right out the window when I heard this. There is no easier way to get written off for your political views than to say something so brash and extreme. I actually agree that the entire administration could and should have charges brought against them all the way to impeachment, but by suggesting they be "hung and shot" the conversation turns elementary. For people who stand behind token prisoners like Mumia, or who stand against the death penalty, to say something like that is pretty stupid. With such a captive audience, Zach could've inspired people to vote, to take to the streets until we are out of Iraq, to quit driving our cars so we stop this war for oil. Instead, he made himself that guy. You know the guy. Anytime there's a political rally for the left, no matter the subject, he's the guy that has the "legalize marijuana" sign. And he's the one that gets interviewed and makes every liberal, democrat and progressive look like some stupid hippy. You made yourself sound as absurd as her. end political rant.


That's my news today...see you at the Casbah tonight.

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Viz said...

I agree 100% with your view on the RATM comment. How can you claim to be against the war then state that you want to hang and kill the current administration. Sounds like they want to say pointless crap and not really make a difference. It also shows that they are in it for the money because if they were really concerned they would have used their millions from Coachella to donate anti-war efforts.