Thursday, May 24, 2007

RJD2: What's he think of San Diego

RJD2 recently performed at the Belly Up. I missed the show but have seen his amazing turntablism before a couple times. In his blog today, he wrote a tour recap. The van's A/C broke in Denver, then they played in Durango, CO, and Tempe, Arizona. Anyway, that should explain the post a little:
SAN DIEGO, CA yea. 105 degrees. no AC. we drive 6 hours through the desert. we
are soaking our shirts in ice water and putting them back on. savagely brutal
heat. we play at the belly up tavern. hang out at the beach. got up next day and
took a cab to some bougie neighborhood with beach and some breakfast
places. san diego is fucking beautiful.

Hmmm. I'm thinking SD:Dialed in T-shirts. On the front "San Diego is Fucking Beautiful" with the web address on the back? I dunno, just messing around since I stayed home last night and have no recap today, unless you wanna hear about Tony Bennett and Bette Midler killing me on the American Idol finale.

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