Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hey Reader, I want my $25

In this week's Blurt, in reference to the FM 94/9 Indie Jam:

"We wanted to avoid the exorbitant Ticketmaster and facility-use fees that music fans hate," says FM-94/9 program director Garett Michaels.

What's not to hate? To purchase a $19.50 ticket for Fall Out Boy's July 1 show at Coors Amphitheatre, Ticketmaster assesses $9.80 in fees, more than 50 percent of the ticket price. Added to $26 tickets for the 91X-sponsored X-Fest at Coors on May 20 is a $6 "building facility" fee and a $10.05 Ticketmaster "convenience" fee -- 61 percent of the admission price.

From SD: Dialed In, May 2, 2007:

"This year's 93.3 "Your Show" will be held on May 11 at Coors Amphitheatre, featuring Ludacris, Fergie, Ciara, Hilary Duff, Robin Thicke. Tickets on Ticketmaster range from $21 to $85. A pit seat will run you $85, plus a $6 building facility charge, and an $11.75 convenience charge. For the common man, they are offering 4-packs of lawn tickets for $63, but when purchasing, the price breaks down to $15.75 per ticket, a $4.50 building facility charge per ticket, and a $7.45 convenience charge per ticket, for a grand total of $114.15...

...Let's compare to FM 94/9 San Diego's Indie Jam, shall we? Interpol, Kings of Leon, Spoon, Living Things, Aggrolites, and Test Your Reflex and a local stage with Scarlet Symphony and others... Tickets are $40, NO service charge or parking fee, and $1.00 donation to the About The Music fund when purchased online."
If you read my whole post, you will notice I also discussed the Fall Out Boy show. The Reader quotes me on things I don't write, and then bites my concept without any credit or citation. Am I just being sensitive?

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