Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Newsy Bits: Swedish Models, X-Fest, Sports Arena, Girl Talk

Don't miss the Debut of Swedish Models, a new San Diego band featuring ex-members of Cape May. They will be opening Friday night at the Beauty Bar for The Flesh.
I have very strong opinions about the Chargers and their quest for a publicly funded or even subsidized stadium, and I really don't wanna get into it, but one of the cities bidding for the stadium was National City. Since the city didn't have enough land to offer for commercial and residential endeavors to fund the stadium, the city is now on a mission to provide a new Sports Arena for the region.
but the city still has ideas of using the site near the marina to build a new sports arena that could host a professional basketball team, and provide the region with a classier concert venue.
Read the full article in the San Diego Business Journal here.
91X X-Fest reviews:

Jessica, 23, just went to her first concert without her parents. Loved Plain White T's, hated SSPU. Read the blog here. Me thinks she's not really 23.

High On Life, 17. X-Fest was the best day of her life.
Leading a double-life is never easy. Fans of Girl Talk should read his blog for a pretty funny recount of a run-in with a coworker while travelling to San Francisco for a gig.
My Things To Do might be a little sparse today but it will fill out as the week shapes up. Happy Monday...

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