Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Concert Announcement: Jack Fest 2007! Aug 19 @ Coors

Radio station Jack FM has sent out this announcement:
Coming Sunday, August 19th at Coors Amphitheatre is 100.7 Jack Fest 2007!
Jack’s first ever concert is featuring ZZ Top, The Pretenders, Stray Cats
and REO Speedwagon!
Tickets will go on sale on Saturday, June 2nd at 10 am at all Ticketmaster outlets.
Keep listening to find out more info about Jack Fest 2007!!

I genuinely think it's pretty sad how poorly X-Fest appeared to sell. The venue was not even close to full when we were there midday and I assume there were a lot of tickets given away (to media, winners on the station, vendors, clients, etc.) I'm disappointed because as I've mentioned, two alt stations in a market should be a good thing for the music and while I've acknowledged that I am not part of the 91X demo, a lot of people should be and should be more enthusiastic about a station branded music festival.

But anyway, my point of this is post is to take guesses...
Will this show sell?
What will be the average ticket price?
What will the average ticket price be with service charges, facility fees, toilet flushing surcharge, breathing the air tax, driving through Chula Vista toll, and joint use fee for parking in the dirt behind Knott's Soak City?
What percentage of seats will be left unused come Sunday August 19th?
Anyone wanna play?

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Unknown said...

GREAT WEATHER, REALLY GOOD SEATS (SECTION 101) As for the bands, well...Stray Cats were the best by far. They were very entertaining and they ROCKED! We needed more of them and less of the other bands, even ZZT. Pretender's greatest hits were performed well, the rest was forgettable.
ZZTOP's performance was phoned in, could have been pre -recorded. They had very little connection to their audience at all.As for the Jack fest ...I saw at least 3 women who were taking "Jack| in their own hands, and to heart...or somewhere down there...Congratulations to Jack Radio- Here's to more and better next year!!