Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Newsy Bits

Are you ready for SuperStardom? Are you ready for Simon Cowell to own you? Fox is expanding it's Americon Idol-ish programming and will be adding a show in the fall, tentatively called The Search for The Next Great American Band. Nothing like elevating the Battle of the Bands format to its highest level. The bright side (if there is one) is that it will have its own judges. No Simon, Paula, or Randy. I have a horrible feeling that this show, while completely ridiculous, will totally suck me in, the same way the nightmare that was Rockstar Supernova did. If they are looking for a Simon-esque character, might I suggest Steve Jones? He's honest, and can be brutally so if pressed. I'd like him to have all of America saying "mustard or pants?"

Hey Fox, San Diego has talent! Can we get a local audition?
According to MediaWeek's "The Daily Insider", Veronica Mars might not be canceled after this season.

Veronica Mars is being retooled for a potential fourth season. In the new scenario, the show would flash ahead to a few years into the future with Veronica (Kristen Bell) studying at the FBI Academy.

The series currently films a lot in San Diego, but could this move result in it being filmed elsewhere? Enrico Colantoni, who plays Veronica's father on the show (and better known as Elliott from "Just Shoot Me" was living down the street from me for a while but the house has been for sale for a couple months now and I haven't seen him walking the dog lately. Maybe he won't even be part of the 4th season?

By the way, I realize that this information is like "who cares?" to everyone who reads this blog except Daye, so he gets some love today.
Tickets on sale this weekend: FM 94/9 Independence Jam. Purchase at or go to M-Theory, Lou's or either San Diego Hydroponics & Organics location. $40 flat. That is a freakin bargain.
Also on sale: Rusted Root & Backdoor Slam, playing HoB 7/12 (onsale Friday)and Blue October, playing HoB August 24 (onsale Saturday). Also announced, The Game will be performing at 4th&B on June 24. Tickets for that show will also be available via House of Blues on Saturday. Tickets are $41.50 plus $245.50 in service charges. (just kidding)
The StreetScene lineup is nowhere near being announced. (hell, the venue isn't even confirmed), but the CityBeat blog has a pretty good gauge of who might be coming based on the Austin City Limits festival happening one week before Street Scene. Check the blog out here.

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adamg said...

Rookie Card was asked to be on a tv show called Buzz a couple of years ago. They were trying to be like American Idol but with bands. They lined up a day of bands at Brick By Brick. No one came. We joked that there was no video in the cameras. Don't think it ever came out.