Tuesday, May 15, 2007

OMG: Crowded House & Pete Yorn Touring

One of the bands I was hoping would be a staple in the Street Scene lineup was a reformed Crowded House. Apparently that is not gonna happen. Instead, Crowded House has announced a tour across these United States and will appearing at Humphrey's on August 24. This should make me very happy except that I'm pretty much priced out of Humphrey's, so unless tickets fall into my lap, I'll be out on the lawn across the street with a blanket and a cooler, listening from outside the venue. boo. Anyone else want to picnic?

Update...while Pete Yorn is opening on several of the scheduled stops, the opening act for San Diego will be 16 Frames, not Pete Yorn as I previously posted. If that changes, I'll re-post later.


Tania said...

im down for a picnic if i can't get tickets! i love pete yorn

andrea said...

I'll bring the vino!