Friday, May 18, 2007

The Hold Steady Comment on San Diego

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

Even with a dossier full of adoring press, The
Hold Steady remains a scuffling indie band. Finding its music on commercial
radio is virtually impossible, and while you can find some videos from the band
on YouTube, you'll be hard-pressed to find them on MTV or Fuse. That's not a
problem, keyboardist Nicolay pointed out in a recent interview, since the band
doesn't expect critical praise to lead to full-blown rock stardom...

..."One of the great things about this band is
that every time we go out, you can see a noticeable increase in the crowd,"
Nicolay said. "San Diego is a place I always think of like that, where we've
played the same place every time we've been there. The first time, there was
maybe 40 people. The next time, there was 150, and the next was

The Hold Steady are playing at Cane's on June 1. Illinois is? are? opening and they are a-maz-ing so check em out, too.


Unknown said...

They've played the casbah, brick by brick and 4th and B.

All after each one of their albums has huge hype. In blogs and print.

andrea said...

300 people crammed into the Casbah? I hope I never see the day... Maybe Franz's handlebar mustache was making him see double?

Good to know that San Diego's getting some love! Thanks for the post, Rosey.