Thursday, May 24, 2007

I heart Ryan Adams. "Easy Tiger" to drop on June 26.

Despite being disappointed with the last Ryan Adams show at the House of Blues (the venue and assholes talking were 60% of my problem), I love Ryan Adams. People talk shit, people attack him personally, he gets defensive and comments back on blogs, and people get all in a huffy. Whatever. I don't care. I love when he puts out 3 albums in a year. I would like him to come to my house and sing to me while I lay on my bed on a May Gray day. Then I'd give him a hug after and tell him not to be so sad. I think the Whiskeytown show at the Casbah was my first show there ever (so long ago, fake id and all- sorry, Casbah). Anyway, I just got a press release about his forthcoming album on Lost Highway Records, so here's the junk that I'm more than happy to post:
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Ryan Adams' Easy Tiger has been scheduled for a June 26 release on Lost Highway. The new album features The Cardinals (but is billed solely as a Ryan Adams album) and also a guest appearance from Sheryl Crow, who contributes back-up vocals on the track “Two”.

The sequence of Easy Tiger is:

Goodnight Rose
Everybody Knows
Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.
Tears Of Gold
The Sun Also Sets
Off Broadway
Pearls On A String
Rip Off
Two Hearts
These Girls
I Taught Myself How To Grow Old

Easy Tiger is be Ryan Adams' ninth full length collection of new studio recordings, following Heartbreaker (2000), Gold (2001), Demolition (2002), Rock N Roll (2003), Love Is Hell (2004), Cold Roses (2005), Jacksonville City Nights (2005) and 29 (2005).
After Arcade Fire, I couldn't think of any big releases that I would really look forward to. I'm not saying other stuff that has come out or will come out isn't good, great even, but the music of Ryan has always been especially sentimental to me, so while my friend Kristian tells me that the forthcoming Spoon album is "AMAZING", I'll have my sights set on Ryan Adams and Rocky Votolato.

Stream a couple tracks:
Everybody Knows"

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Ryan will tour the US in support of the album in June and July. I hope he comes through San Diego and I hope (fingers crossed) it's at the Belly Up, not the House of Blues. Or Spreckels? Just no HOB. please.

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