Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day weekend...the rest of the story

Another reason why I'd taken it easy on Saturday was because I had to get up on Sunday for the 1:00 Padres game. I'm glad I woke up relatively early, because my friend Sara, who had the tickets, was sick and canceled on me, so I had to find someone else to take with me. Matt said he could go, so we got the tickets from Sara, parked downtown, had the $6 burger and beer special at Maloney's (all game days) and trekked across downtown to the game. It was my first game since last season. Our seats were pretty cool, on Toyota Terrace between the 3 giant corporate suites at the field level and the radio and tv broadcast suites above them. There is only one row of seats where we were, mostly designated for people with disabilities, so it was pretty quiet, but we had a good time.

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We were sitting right in front of Bob Uecker.

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It was a beautiful sunny day, the perfect day to take in a game. Especially good because Trevor Hoffman got the save to clinch the sweep for the Pads.

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After the game, I met some friends over at the Tower Bar for John Johnson's awesome BBQ, hung at home for a while, then met some friends out for a couple drinks. We met at the Turf Club but it was unreasonably packed, so we instead went to Bluefoot. When my friends decided to take off, I stayed behind and hung out with Peter (Roxy Jones) and my friend Little P for a bit. From there P and I went to the Zombie to finish off the night since he and I live close by. Happy to have Monday off, when I got home, I made it a late night, watching HBO OnDemand and some free music on Concert.tv. If you have OnDemand, I highly recommend watching the Jools Holland show with Stereophonics, Calexico and The Black Crowes. Toward the end, Kelly Jones of Sterophonics sings an awesome version of "Twice As Hard" with the Black Crowes. That was enough to knock me out and end my quasi all nighter.

I spent Monday with my family at my parents' house in Chula Vista. My sister and I busted into some of the old packrat boxes and I found some old flyers and stuff from concerts from back in the day that I'll post sporadically in the near future just for kicks. All in all, it was a pretty good weekend, I have to say. I hope everyone else can say the same. Now, onto a short work week...


lora said...

dude! you were the kind soul the took my friends back to your place for rolled tacos after a bender at the ken club some years back. i couldn't remember your name but i remembered your face when i saw you @ the bbq on sunday. i should have said something then but i was afraid of the chance of a case of mistaken identity. somehow it's easier to look like an ass on the interwebs.

it was nice to cross paths once again and thanks for taking care of me and my drunken friends that random night. you just might have saved us from a dui.

ps. so as to make this even more creepy, i found your blog through the reader...


The Baby Heisman said...

I'm a total geek when it comes to old concert posters, so at least one person will dig seeing them