Thursday, April 19, 2007

SD:Dialed In Quoted In The Reader

In this weeks Reader, covering "Cool San Diego" there is a "quote" by me.

THAT '80s STYLE: It's back in all its pastel-and-chiffon glory -- even the shoulder pads built like twin aircraft carriers -- particularly at places such as the Beauty Bar, which looks for all the world like the photos we used to see of European nightclubs frequented by Boy George, Adam Ant, and Rod Stewart. Rosey at says of one Beauty Bar visit: "Suddenly, I had an epiphany, courtesy of Napoleon Dynamite: a side ponytail...So many beautiful people, so many unfortunate fashion choices. Tiered ruffly skirts. Track shorts and white slouch boots. Tight, stripey T-shirt dresses. I miss the eighties as much as anyone, they were good times for me, but the fashion trends do not merit resurrection.... Every time we went to the bar, the price of the drinks went up $2 -- $6 [went to] $8 [then to] $10. They must have noticed that I wasn't wearing leg warmers or a tube top and fined me accordingly."

The only thing about this "quote" is that I don't remember writing it and I can't find it on my blog anywhere. I appreciate the link getting in print and all, but it's a little misleading isn't it? I don't miss the 80's at all. For me the 80's, yes the greater part of the decade, was kinda hellish. I mean from 5 to 15? Totally awkward years- not unhappy, but who longs for their adolescence and "tween" years? Training bras, menarche (look it up), those big ugly teeth that replace your baby ones, your parents letting you wear purple reebok aerobic shoes and listen to Lisa Lisa or the Jets, because you were a total brat and insisted on it. I don't miss the 80s.

The other reason why I'm not convinced I wrote that? We all know I'd NEVER spend $10 on a drink.

So, I guess thanks for the shout out in the Reader, but I'd really like to see the link if, in fact, that quote was actually pulled from my blog.


adamg said...

There's "your" quote.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

That is so awesome.

Jay Allen Sanford said...

Wow, that's weird! I take full blame/responsibility - we HAD a quote from your blog, and somehow this ended up in its place. I gotta stop doing those 20-hour write/edit shifts. Please accept my apologies! We'll make sher you get a gander at yer upcoming "Lists" article before it goes to press!
JAS, SD Reader

Michael said...

Yet another reason the Reader remains irrelevant.