Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Street Scene Confirmed At Del Mar Fairgrounds

Street Scene will be held at Del Mar Fairgrounds and is being produced by Live Nation, those bastards who also run that little shithole we call House of Blues. You can read the press release on CityBeat's blog here or just go to the Street Scene site here to see for yourself. Most notably, the dates have been pushed back significantly. In the first several years of the festival, the dates coincided with ASR, usually the first or second weekend of September. When the festival was moved to Qualcomm, the dates moved forward to avoid interference with football and we ended up getting the leftover bands who didn't play Lollapalooza in Chicago or who were champs enough to play both festivals...This year, Street Scene is later than ever, falling on the weekend of September 22 & 23. When I first saw the dates I panicked, because that is usually the weekend of the Adams Avenue Street Fair, but this year's festival will be held on September 29th & 30th. That officially means my 31st birthday party will take place on Friday, September 28, 2007. (Mark, plan ahead!)

So what does all this mean? I can't really guess...probably a bunch of crappy headliners (in the vein of AFI, MCR, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Panic! At the disco) and hopefully more relatively good indie bands to make me not bitter about jacked up ticket prices (come on, you know LiveNation is gonna increase ticket prices by a good 20-50%). We'll see, I'm sure, but I would watch Bumbershoot bands for a clue as to who will be playing festivals in the fall.

If Crowded House plays, I will take back everything bad I've ever said about LiveNation, Clearchannel, and Street Scene.

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