Tuesday, April 24, 2007

CD Release : Republic Of Letters

I have all kinds of CDs I should be reviewing, MP3s to be posting, and contests to announce, but things have been pretty chaotic for me. First, there's that whole day job thing getting in the way of my real life, then there's my dinosaur of a computer that makes every task take 80 times longer than it should, and then there's my asshole mailman who pussed out the one time my dog was outside, so my mail has been on hold for two weeks already until the boxes are moved outside the property, which apparently isn't as simple as it sounds. drama. All of that said, there are some things I've been paying attention to, so I'll start with one and hopefully gradually increase my mini posts.

Republic of Letters: It's no secret that I love Republic of Letters...the guys are all good friends of mine and I am a fan of their music. In fact, I was a fan before we were friends, so my bias is allowed. I've always compared their music to early U2 or my favorite local band of the early 90's, Blacksmith Union. They worked long and hard recording their EP in LA and it's finally being released at a CD Release show this Saturday. You can listen to their appearance on The Local Pyle by clicking here and scrolling down to The Local Pyle dated 4/22 or check out their MySpace for some of the new tracks. They will be joined by two other Dialed In favorites, Vinyl Radio and Dynamite Walls. Also on the bill is touring band Illinois who are taking a break from touring with The Kooks (presumably while the Kooks play Coachella) and who will be touring later with The Hold Steady (including their stop in SD on June 1). The show is a mere $8 and so worth it.

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The Baby Heisman said...

Illinois isn't half bad. I hadn't heard them until they were announced as the Hold Steady opener. Word is they're real solid live.

Punks still giving you guff for your blog? If so, let me and Cousin Crow Bar know. When you live in K-Town, all of K-Town got your back.