Monday, April 16, 2007

CD Review: Mad Juana

Did anybody else watch Rock Star:Supernova? Will anyone else admit to it? If you did watch, you had your favorite, and for most of the season, mine was Delana, with her sexy and haunting vocals, I thought she was too good for that band of hasbeens. I mean, it's all was a reality show after all, but I thought she had talent.

Enter Mad Juana. Described in their press release as "bohemian gypsy music", the strong female vocals remind me of Delana...or maybe Siouxsie Sioux is a more apropos and tangible reference. The layered instrumentation adds to the gypsy style, but I'm actually more into the track done in Spanish called "La Llorona" (loosely 'The Woman Crier, subject of many Mexican fables) with heavy strings giving it a dramatic flamenco flair. The album is called "Acoustic Voodoo" and brings to mind images of candles and incense and spells and seduction.

Mad Juana are playing at Kava Lounge on Wednesday. I'll be at SDSC, but I will give my CD to the first person to promise to go to the show and take a couple pics and write a blurb about it.

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