Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Things To Do: April 24, 2007

If you're not going to Coachella (like me) don't fret....there's still plenty going on locally and really, do you wanna sit in the desert with expected temps exceeding 92ยบ? If you're feeling sad and upset about not going, just remember these four little words and get over it. red. hot. chili. peppers.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007:

  • (correction: Free Eric Volz Benefit @ SDSC is on FRIDAY)
  • Nautical Disaster, Grin's Edge, Perfect Blue @ O'Connell's
  • Ice Cube, WC @ Cane's
  • The North Atlantic, Kingdom of Magic, The Fuusa @ Zombie Lounge
  • Between the Lines @ Longboard's (PB)
  • The Lovely Disaster, Buddy Akai, The Pussywhips @ Casbah
  • Guitar Hero Night @ Kadan
  • Ken Club Karaoke
  • Competitive Eating Competition @ The Tower Bar Tonight's Food: Meatballs!!!

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