Tuesday, April 17, 2007

MySpace Love: The Car is On Fire

I know I'm not unique in getting a gazillion band requests all the time. My acceptance is hit or miss...if you're local, you're approved, but I don't accept every little podunk request of some dude in his room with his emo hair and a guitar just because he asks. Especially if his music is described as eclectic. Barf.

I do find some cool bands though, too...sometimes they're heading to San Diego so try to be "friends" with people here, sometimes their labelmates are "friends". But sometimes, I get some totally random band and they just make my day for being good.

Today, that band is
The Car is On Fire. They're signed by EMI in Europe but it appears they don't have a label for American distribution. They're from Warsaw, Poland. (The home of my patriarchal ancestors).

Think small bits of Of Montreal crossed with Peter, Bjorn and John:

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