Thursday, April 26, 2007


I cannot wait. I just got to go into Spreckels from backstage and got to watch and listen to Wake Up and The Well and The Lighthouse during soundcheck. Fucking A-MA-ZING. I almost busted out my camera but that would be cheating and would've gotten me tossed in two seconds flat, so I left Andrea's ticket at will call, hung out in the back with Porter and Pyles for a few. I am a total dork but jesus was that awesome. The sound in there is gonna be killer. I'm shaking like those women in the old Elvis concert videos.

Also, if you're going to the show, I understand that cameras will be allowed, but no flash after the third song. See you tonight!!!

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Natalie said...

That's fairly generous with the camera thing. As a photographer, when I get photo passes the usual drill is you can only shoot during the first 3 songs and can't ever use flash. 'Cept then there's always that guy with the point-and-shoot camera who's all up in the band's face using flash the entire evening and no one does anything about it. Grrr. If you're going to use flash, at least try to be discreet and use it sparingly. Everyone should follow Rosey's example :-)