Monday, April 09, 2007

MoveOn Town Hall Meetings

Like it or not, this is still my personal blog and while most entries stick to music, I also wear my liberal politics on my sleeve. Don't like it? Skip this post. is organizing nation wide virtual town hall meetings tomorrow evening. The idea is that like-minded citizens get together at various parties. Several candidates for the '08 election are expected to participate via the internet, so they will field questions asked by people at the various meeting. The main topic to be covered is the war in Iraq.

Click here to see various town hall parties in San Diego.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Dennis Kucinich, and Joe Biden will answer questions from's 3.2 million members in the first of three unprecedented virtual town hall meetings. I'm going to try to attend the party at Cortez Hill if anyone would like to join me.


eric said...

yeah, i got the e-mail about this .. but unfortunately have tickets for Ted Leo tomorrow night. Oddly enough, I saw Ted Leo on the night of the last presidential election at UCSD. I think he said something along the lines of "whatever the outcome of this election, never give up the fight" .... he probably wouldn't mind people missing his show tomorrow for this town meeting.

donnajeanw said...

Does anyone know a website or contact LOCALLY (San Diego) for MoveOn? I have been trying to get involved, but this is organization seems impossible to track down locally. (National is easy.) I attended the Town Hall meeting last night; everyone I asked said they were "sort of" involved in MoveOn, but didn't know about meetings, etc. Can anyone help?