Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Newsy Bits

New Insound coupon: Type in 'SpringGoodness' when you make an order and get 10% off until May 10
Landlord Jim's is planning an art show called "Bartender's Call", on Monday June 10th. All artists are bartenders. Photographers, painters, and any other art mediums, are welcome. If you're an artistic bartender, head down to Landlord Jim's and get $20 for material fees.
The main talent booker for the newly reopened Starlight Bowl has suffered a heart attack. Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery. The following was an email sent to the bands who were scheduled to play on April 15th.

"With deep regrets we have just this evening been informed that Starlight Bowl's Operations manager Susan Suffecool is recovering from a heart attack she has suffered a few days prior and tomorrow's show has been cancelled.

Your patience and thoughts and/or prayers for a speedy recovery are appreciated..."
that's all I've got. Happy Monday.

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catdirt said...

susan had a heart attack? yikes. she is an awesome lady.