Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday Newsy Bits

I've been outta the loop, so sorry if this is all already old news.

First off, congrats to Cat Dirt Sez for huge mentions on NME, LAist, Stereogum and MTV among others. When CatDirt Sez he has inside info, believe him. He broke that Scarlett Johannsen will be performing with the Jesus and Mary Chain at the Glasshouse on Thursday for a pre-Coachella show. He also broke that the Jesus and Mary Chain were playing the glasshouse in Pomona in the first place. Pay attention. He knows whats up.

Guess where I won't be on August 18, 2007? 311 and Matisyahu will be playing at Coors Amphitheater in Chula Vista. I don't think you could pay me to go to that show, but I know I stand alone on my distaste for both bands, so if you're into it,
register for pre-sale here.
Shows you might catch me at... Feist and Grizzly Bear at Belly Up on June 30; The Faint are playing Soma on June 8. Also,
Electric Soft Parade is coming back to the Casbah on May 22, the first night of their tour with The Clientele and Beach House. You can click here for an MP3 download. Here's a YouTube of Electric Soft Parade:

I've added more pics to the weekend recap below, including video of the Fishtank Ensemble. Scroll down.

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lyn said...

you are definitely not the only person that hates matisyahu.