Monday, April 09, 2007

Recommendation: Dusty Rhodes and the River

I mentioned that I saw Dusty Rhodes and the River at Scolari's a few weeks ago and it was definitely a performance to remember. The band is returning to San Diego on May 1st, opening for Jackie Greene at the Belly Up Tavern.

I mention them this morning because the band posted a bulletin about a new song on their
MySpace page called "The Ballad of Graff". Dusty said the song is about an ex-roommate who, 8 months after moving out, decapitated a Hollywood screenwriter then took the head to his neighbor's house where he then stabbed and killed the neighbor. "True story," his bulletin said.

So being the curious chica that I am, I googled and sure enough, here's the

Arrest over writer's decapitation

A US man has been arrested after a 91-year-old screenwriter was beheaded and his neighbour stabbed to death.

Robert Lees, who wrote dozens of films including Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, and retired doctor Morley Engelson, 67, were found on Sunday.

Police found the head of Mr Lees at the back of Mr Engelson's Los Angeles home.

A homeless man, Kevin Lee Graff, 27, was arrested on Monday after Paramount studio guards recognised him from a police press broadcast.

Mr Graff had been turned away from the gates of the studio after asking for the telephone number of a female employee and acting oddly.
That's some crazy shit, no?

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