Monday, April 16, 2007

Ticket/CD Giveaway: Limbeck 4/20

Limbeck is an Orange County band with good clean pop sensibilities. With influences like the Beach Boys and The Byrds, their modern twist to pop is the perfect summer soundtrack. I got the chance to see them a couple years back when they toured with Rocky Votolato.

Limbeck are playing on the sidestage at Soma on Friday night along with Hot Rod Circuit and The Forecast. Go to their MySpace page for 3 free downloads. If you check them out and like what you hear, be the first to leave me a comment answering the following trivia question and you and a guest will be put on the guestlist as well as receiving a copy of their new album.

According to the band's myspace page, what is the name of Limbeck's tour manager?

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Skubic said...

Jon Cheese.