Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Monday Night Recap Part 1: Augustana At Hard Rock Café

Last night, three fifths of Augustana performed an 'acoustic' Private Listener Concert for KPRI at the Hard Rock Café. Michael Tiernan opened the show, but as I'd misread the invite, I arrived just after 8:30 while Augustana was in the middle of "Stars & Boulevards". I talked to Jared (finally) for a few, then schemed as to how I would get close enough to snap some pics. They played sans drums and bass and Dan admitted that they only ever do a couple acoustic songs, so a whole set of it was a challenge, so he played several new songs. It was nice to be there with the older crowd, and when some guy made an off color remark, Dan told him nobody forced him to be there and he could turn around and walk out. Good for him...I'm tired of assholes heckling bands. If you don't like the music, it's very easy to leave and seek out something more suited to your tastes. And if that guy was there because his girlfriend dragged him there, I hope she kicked his ass for embarassing her.

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I saw a friend near the front and maneuvered to him, then some people shifted and a pro photog pushed some other people outta the way, kinda clearing a path for me to sneak in a couple shots.

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Then a little gap opened up and I asked a girl if she minded if I knelt in front of her. Let's just say it's been a really long time since I was on my knees (bar. har. har.) but I dealt with the pain of the hardwood floors to get the following videos. Watch them before I get a C&D.

Augustana "I'll Meet You There Someday"

Augustana: "Boston"

The sound was perfect, no crazy girls screaming, just really good music. It occurred to me that Dan's songwriting style reminds me of Counting Crows, which was my all time favorite band for many years. Maybe less so in delivery...Adam Duritz's voice is like none other, but stylistically, I can see some overlap. That, to me, is a good thing.

Augustana's stint back home was brief as they're heading back on the road today. They are playing on Thursday in Boston after a Celtics v. Pistons game. Amazing. Seeing a band in a room with 200 people then they're on morning shows, late shows, and playing in sports arenas in front of thousands of people and broadcast to millions. That's something pretty damn special. Thanks, Augustana.

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