Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunday Recap (pt.2): Regina Spektor & Only Son @ House of Blues

I got a call Friday from Lou's Records telling me that I was the winner of a pair of tickets to the sold out Regina Spektor show at the House of Blues on Sunday which also included a meet and greet. I tried to upgrade and get a photopass, too, but no such luck, so here's my "if a were a 5 year old" rendering of the stage.

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Only Son started off the show with his just a guitar, then played the rest of the set with his iPod playing backing instrumentals. I loved him, actually, and would like to see him at the Casbah on his own one of these days. He would fit well with Lou Barlow- remember when he busted out the the tape deck on his solo shows?

Regina Spektor is pretty crazy. The crowd was totally into her, making more than half her set sing alongs. She also has a fair share of clap along parts for additional audience participation. She seems to have invented her own variation on the jazz scat and does a lot of other random stuff with her vocals to accompany the piano, her mic tapping, her banging a drumstick against a wooden chair, and being joined by Only Son during the finale. After the show we met with Greg from the record label and got flats signed by Regina, though Lyn and I had more to talk about with Jack. Regina was super sweet to the six of us there, and she's this tiny girl who is all smiles, so it was a really good experience. During her show she gushed that San Diego has been her favorite city on tour. It was clear San Diego loves her right back.

ChickRawker covered this show quite well already, so just go there and check out her review and setlist.

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