Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Newsy Bits

ok really, I have no newsy bits today. But I thought this was funny. I passed this car the other day on my way home from work and since my best friend is a lawyer who defends people who are evicted, I have a slanted view of evictions...even if I didn't, you have to be kind of a scumbag to be so proud of your profession, no?

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Last night I finally met Natalie who until now I'd only known through MySpace. She is a killer photographer and writes reviews for Reviewer magazine. She was at Ted Leo and the Pharmacists on Tuesday at the Epicentre and you can check out her shots here.
The Sky Drops are playing at San Diego Sports Club next Wednesday night at Pussy Galore. You should check them out. Really. You can download a couple songs on their website or check them out on MySpace. They're coming all the way from Delaware, so forget all the things that irritate you about SDSC and go, ok? They're playing with dreamtiger and Spindrift. Shoegazey bliss.
Don't forget to vote for Swim Party so they can play some granola hippy festival in Santa Barbara. Then we can take the train up and watch them in our birkenstocks with out pachouli dabbed under our armpits while we drink organic shadegrown coffee. It will be awesome.
I'm out...have a great weekend...

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Natalie said...

Thanks for the props and the linkage! 'Twas nice to finally meet you. Looks like I'll be seeing you at the Casbah on Tuesday for the Twilight Sad, yes?