Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday Newsy Bits: SCMX, Birkhead the Daddy

Last year San Diego was one of the cities chosen to host the Southern Comfort Music Experience (SCMX). It was a free concert over two days. Highlights were seeing Mudhoney and Spank Rock among others, and a good selection of local acts, like Rookie Card, Fifty on Their Heels, and Grand Ole Party. Thanks to Kevin from CityBeat for hooking Andrea and I up last year with VIP passes. I do not know if the festival is coming back to San Diego this year, but keep your fingers crossed because they've announced some of the bands playing in Atlanta, another city that participated last year. Here's that line-up:

Day 1:
Mickey Avalon
Rose Hill Drive

Day 2:
Sick Puppies
Zach Brown

Did I mention it was free?
In super gossip news, Larry Birkhead has been identified as the biological father of Danielynn, the daughter of Anna Nicole Smith. Can Howard K Stern just crawl under the rock from whence he came already?

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