Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tuesday Newsy Bits: Indie Jam Schedule, other stuff

Some really random things today. Since this is still my personal blog (whether you like to hear my garbage or not), I thought I would mention that on Friday, my last surviving frog took his last breath. He was upside down when I got home and struggling to flip over, which he finally did, but hours later his fate was sealed. African Dwarf frogs are really cool little pets if you have the patience to frequently clean their water and always have distilled water on hand. 5 years was a good life for them.
The set times for Indie Jam have been posted on the website for FM 94/9 and also on Chickrawker. Check it out here.
While hanging with my dad this weekend he commented on my article in the Reader. "If I had $10,000 for each band I could identify in your list," he said, "I still couldn't even buy a cup of coffee." Dashboard by Modest Mouse was playing in the background and trying to seem with it, he asked if I was a fan of "Modest", because that was all that was displayed on the stereo display. Sometimes families seem like they don't really get you and then you get older and realize that at least they always tried. It was a good weekend.
For my new, slightly more diverse readers, I give you Blues Cruise Information:

Taj Mahal (music) & The International Rhythm Band, Elvin Bishop (music), Bobby Rush, Lowrider Band (Howard Scott, Lee Oskar, BB Dickerson & Harold Brown), Tommy Castro, Marcia Ball, Rod Piazza, Bernard Allison, Curtis Salgado, Janiva Magness, Eric Sardinas, John Lee Hooker, Jr., Sista Monica Parker, Doug MacLeod, Chico Banks, Eric Bibb, Earl Thomas, Eric Lindell and Nathan James & Ben Hernandez are all slated to appear on this year's Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise, according to a press release.

The excursion sets sail Oct. 13 from San Diego, travels to the Mexican Riviera, and returns to port Oct. 20. Many of the cabins are already sold out, so if this is something you're interested in, you should get on it. If you're more of a Parrothead, you should join KPRi on their "Music and Margaritas" 4-day Cruise to Cabo. Info here.

House of Blues Two For TU tickets offerings today include tickets for Tesla on June 11. Are they surprised that tickets didn't sell...for Tesla...at $45 a pop? Other tickets available are Derek Trucks with Susan Tedeschi (originally $35, June 13, 4th & B) and Umphrey's McGee (originally $20, 6/14, HoB)

In other ticket news, tickets for Jackfest (Jack FM concert featuring ZZ Top, REO Speedwagon, The Pretenders, and the Stray Cats) went on sale last weekend. This is what the site says:

All tickets will have a $6 parking fee (per ticket) added on top of the prices below.

Reserved 1 - $75.00; Reserved 2 - $65.00; Reserved 3 - $55.00; Reserved 4 - $35.00; Lawn - $30.00; 4 pack lawn - $19.99 per ticket. ($80.00 Total)

Now, let's see how much they really cost:

Reserved 2 -
Facility Charge $6.00
Convenience Charge $11.15
Order Processing Charge $3.40.
Total $85.55 (one ticket)

4 pack lawn
$19.99 per ticket
Facility Charge $4.50
Convenience Charge $7.60
Order Processing Charge $3.40
Total for 4: $131.80

Tickets for Crowded House at Humphrey's also went on sale last Saturday, and as much as I would love to go, I just cannot bring myself to spend $129 on a dinner package seat or $70 on a regular seat (plus ticketmaster fee of $7.75). boo.
more news later...

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Jay Allen Sanford said...

Sorry to hear about yer froggy friends. Of course there's a critter heaven - must be getting crowded, too, the way frogs are croaking - er, going extinct - all over the planet.