Thursday, July 05, 2007

Independence Break Recap: Avenue Q, Ken Club, BBQ, Padres

I don't know about you, but I'd like a couple more random Wednesdays off from work in the future. How nice was that? Sorry to those of you who had to work, we office slaves appreciate you bartenders, retail workers, vendors at Petco Park, and even the trolley security who called me "ma'am" while scolding me. I hope you all got paid triple time.

I can't say it all started off well. On Tuesday I was let off work early, only to find my bike with a flat. Fortunately Pennyfarthings was open and took care of me quick like and I was on my merry way (a new tube for $7!). A short nap later and I was on the phone finding out that someone has stolen my identity and attempted to make credit card purchases at a Sears in Leon, Mexico. Fortunately, Visa can be pretty smart and declined the charges.

After sorting that out and cancelling my account, I was back on my way downtown, scored some princess parking, then bumped into the House Party Girls, Amanda and Heather, out in front of Spreckels while waiting for Andrea. I got my tickets to Avenue Q from will call and Andrea and I found our way to our cheap seats in the terrace level of Spreckels which were so high, it took a few minutes to get used to the visual perspective. Chris (Republic of Letters) and Stephanie were there, too, so we had a little party up there.

Avenue Q lives up to every piece of hype you've ever heard or read about it. The only hard thing is that I keep wanting to tell people about it, but I'm like that annoying person who tells you the end of the movie, so I'm not gonna blow anything here, but assure you that (1) the puppets are potty-mouthed, but it's not gratuitous and it's used appropriately and (2) there is definitely "full puppet nudity". I have not laughed so hard since the first time I saw "There's Something About Mary" and caught myself slapping the knee of the guy next to me. With songs like "It sucks to be me", "Schaudenfreude", and my personal favorite, "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist", even if you're not a fan of traditional musicals, you should appreciate this one. The really incredible thing is how there are only seven people onstage, and three of them are sans puppets, but some of them handle two to three puppet characters seamlessly. It's particularly relatable to 20- and 30- somethings who are still struggling with "growing up" and finding your place in the world...basically everyone who reads this blog.

For your discounted tickets to Avenue Q, join Goldstar Events and get yours. The show runs through August 5 and discounted tickets are usually sold on a week by week basis. Also, better seats are also available at the 45% off discount rate if the cheap seats aren't your style. And, ahem, bring a flask.

The show runs a couple hours. After the show it was time to get to the Ken Club for Transfer and the Apes of Wrath. Sorry about the miscommunication, some of the posters for the show mentioned a third band, "Sea of Cortez" when in fact "Vulgar Herd" ended up playing. I missed them, but Chris is also the sound guy for the Ken Club. He hasn't been around much lately because his other full-time gig is at Humphrey's Backstage Lounge, but on this night, he played and did sound.

As far as the show goes, you're gonna get a hell of a lot better review of it if you go to Cullen's post about it.


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And since we were next to each other most of the show, our photos aren't much different, though I'll still post a couple. What is different is that he's a musician and knows wtf he is talking about so go read his review.

Apes of Wrath

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Let me just say, I have lived in Kensington for seven years and been going to the bar as long as I've lived there, and in seven years, I have NEVER seen the Ken Club like that. It's been crowded before...every New Year's Eve is pretty nutty, and certain bands draw huge there, like the Spits, but this was out. of. control. Not in a bad way, I definitely had a good time, but I was glad to have left my hoodie at home. And it wasn't one of those shows that's crowded but half the crowd is ordering waters...this was a drinking crowd. So much so that the bartenders had to use plastic cups for a while until it got a little less hectic. Between Apes of Wrath and Transfer, Brett actually had to stop allowing people into the band room who hadn't already been in. At that point he asked me to take over the post and for about 20 minutes I got the fun job of watching the door and telling people they couldn't get in. Eventually the band started and the few people still waiting were able to pay their $8 and go in, but it only escalated the temperature of the band room that much more.

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My stalker, Lynn

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I'm not so into sweaty crowded rooms...I've had my share at the old Soma or friends garages and whatnot back in the day, so I only watched about half the sets of both bands. More interesting, and as Cullen pointed out, was that the crowd was different than a typical show, which kinda gives me hope that more people care about music in this town than I previously believed.

Anyway, it was a good night at the bar for sure, everyone buzzed with the energy of people who could drink without consequences on a Tuesday.

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After the show, there was mass exodus of people heading to a liquor store for after parties and whatnot. A couple friends came to my house and not surprisingly, it was sunrise before I went to sleep.

My 4th of July was then spent at an afternoon BBQ at my parents' house until I hopped on the trolley to head to the Padres game with Sara. It was close to one of the most boring games I've ever been to, though it was a nice finish with the Pads loading the bases in the 9th to score a forced run at home off a dropped ball by the Marlins catcher for the win. The whole point of going was that I expected fireworks and there were none which was lame. From the game we traversed downtown to Sara's in Cortez Hill, watching the Embarcadero's fireworks from near the post office, which is to say we didn't really see shit. It was all ok, though. Can't complain about the day off. I was tired, she took me home, and it was sleepytime. Now it's time to prep for the real weekend.


jshufelt said...

Ehh, sounds likes fun. I have always wanted to see Transfer. One of my friends raves about them. Funny thing how the catcher that dropped the ball Miguel Olivio used to be the Padres catcher a few years back. The maraine layers sucked for the forth of July fireworks this year.

Unknown said...

I completely agree - Avenue Q is hillarious and a must-see for 20/30 somethings, even non-theater types