Thursday, July 05, 2007

Newsy Bits: Red Pony Clock, ReelMandy, Hillcrest, Send Chris Young to Allstar Game

From MySpace:

Red Pony Clock needs a drummer for their upcoming tour. Come on... don't wuss out, Mr. Drummer Man (or Ms. Drummer Girl).::::: contact ::::::::::

Well, the trip is only 17 days away. But if anyone's interested, red pony clock would still love to have a drummer on our 6 week tour. Those of you who said, "I could ask my friend, but I'm sure they'll find someone." We haven't, so please go ahead and ask your friend.

It's amazing how many people have thought it was okay to string us along forever, going so far as learning a set, only to back out and leave us high and dry. The darkness of the human soul just blows my mind.

We are fun people going on a fun trip around the funnest country in the world!! We will fly someone in, if they're willing to do some work at home beforehand. We don't need you to be the greatest drummer in the world. Just keep the beat and have fun. A percussionist or snare drum player would work just fine.

Is there really noone out there that can do this?


Add one more blogger to the pool. We're all getting incestuous, aren't we? Anyway, House Party Girl, Amanda, is now writing her own bloggy blog, so go check it out
here. Permanent link, as always, is on the right.
From LJ:

7th Street is Closed all day, Sunday, July 8,between Robinson and Pennsylvania, for this fantastic free Hillcrest event / concert / street PARTY ~!
It's put on by Hillcrest residents and the publishers of HillQuest, Ann and Nancy - xoxo~!

I will be your emcee all the live long day~! cheers~!This year is also Hillcrest's 100th birthday so come eat the cake~!
BYO picnic basket, cooler, chairs/blanket and yo friends -n- family - stay all day~!

there are many local vendors, you can get a massage, meet colorful people, watch a flower power parade,eat some free cake, dance, sing, and enjoy an outstandingmusical line-up of local talent at the "HOP in the HOOD"!!!!
10am- Sven Eric-Seaholm
11am- Flower Power Parade
12pm- Sue Palmer
1:15pm- Danielle LoPresti & Alicia Champion
2:15pm- D.A. & The Hitmen
3:15pm - Rhythm & The Method
4:15pm- Karaoke - YOU be the star, ummmkay?

All ages.Free.Fabulous.Hope to see you there~!
Laura JaneBonus: free parking - they're letting us use the lot on the corner of 7th and Robinson~!
For you Padres fans, pitcher Chris Young is currently on the ballot for the All-star game. Go vote for him
here. You can also text "N4" to 36197 to vote from your cell phone. Voting ends today so get on it.
ciao for now...


catdirt said...

ok- i don't how to drum- but i am game.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

Gets along well with others, plays nice, and sitting in a van for hours on end doesn't sound like your kind of thing. Maybe CDW.