Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Steve Poltz + North Park Festival of the Arts

I was reading this little press release about Steve Poltz (read it here) and noticed a date on his calendar...May 18 for the North Park Festival of the Arts, and I got curious because I consider myself to be quite the street fair aficionado and I'd never heard of said fair.

So I googled and thought I'd share with you that the 12th Annual North Park Festival of the Arts takes place on May 18. I don't know how this one has slipped under my radar, though I guess I've always been more of a Saturday festival girl myself, but clearly I've got some self educating to do. Applications are being accepted now for artists, musicians, and vendors. Click here for more info.

The rad thing is they already have their mainstages set and it's a freakin great lineup, particularly the back to back sets from Silent Comedy, Get Back Loretta, Truckee Brothers, and Steve Poltz. Check the rest out here. I'll be there with my dog and some slathered on zinka fo sho'.

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Unknown said...

I believe Sara Morrison booked all the great bands!