Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rocky Votolato (Waxwing) "Keep This Up"

Another capture from Rocky's show at Porter's on Thursday. The first time I saw Rocky Votolato, in 2001, was at Che Cafe. In the years since, I've never seen Rocky do a Waxwing song, so this was really cool. Anyone interested in Waxwing should go to Second Nature Recordings and check out the catalog of CDs available.

Rocky Votolato performing "Keep This Up"

There was a chick taking polaroid instant shots and had no qualms about doing it right in my ear. Those cameras are LOUD. You can hear her camera, especially in the last section of the song.

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Natalie said...

Sometimes I think even my camera is loud with its shutter noise. I try not to take photos during really quiet moments, and man, I felt self-conscious at the Yo La Tengo show.

Although someone did once tell me they saw kids at an indie rock show in Taipei taking photos with Polaroids, and then getting the band members to sign them afterwards. Sounds kinda cool. Even if I don't end up doing that, I'm still gonna snag my dad's old Polaroid when I'm home for Christmas...