Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Britney Spears is On! er, "The M+Ms Are On!"

Perez has his sources and I have mine. Word is that as of 6 pm last night, Brit is still confirmed to be playing the House of Blues tonight, with an estimated arrival to the area at noon. Fox 6 is already parked out front and apparently the papparazzi were already sniffing around yesterday with phones ringing off the hook from every tabloid TV show and magazine around since last week.

Expect chaos around 6th and C Street, where one way streets, the trolley, construction, and backup on Broadway are sure to cause some chaos. There's also a Padres game tonight at 7:05 so downtown should be bumpin. Maybe those going to see Damien Rice should be glad that it was moved to Open Air? Just remember to take a blanket and possibly a raincoat.

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