Saturday, December 01, 2007

Frantic Romantic Cannot Let the Cat Out

The Frantic Romantic should not be trusted with your housecat. i'm not really sure how i ended up typing into this computer, but our friend from san diego: dialed in is a kindred kensington'r was willing (coerced) into letting us post.
We are The Frantic Romantic. Our EP comes out in January and will be debuted at the Ken Club.
Hello San Diego. Support local music.
ed. note...this was all posted by Christopher of Frantic Romantic, at a post Ken Club after party with the rest of the band. We drank. Heavily. And it was fun. And you all missed out. Next time I decide to invite the neighborhood over for an after party, I promise to have a better stash of beer, a sink free of dirty dishes, and my floor will be clean with my new magical vacuum that I'm getting delivered tomorrow. But seriously, guys, Pascha doesn't hate you. It's her, not you.

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