Sunday, December 02, 2007

Rocky Votolato at Porter's Pub, UCSD, 11/30/07

There were a whole boatload of shows I wanted to catch this week, but work was quite demanding, and I just couldn't get to them. Adjusting back to a day job has been a little challenging. You know, that whole "waking up in the morning" I did the Ken Club thing on Tuesday, which I wrote about as I was there, then Wednesday I skipped the Casbah show and opted for sleep, cuz I really freakin needed it.

But come Thursday, I did make sure I made it out to UCSD. I really wanted to catch The Midwinters, but there were a couple problems with that. First, I'd never been to Porter's. Second, I don't go to UCSD ever. Third, there is a shitload of construction happening on the UCSD campus. All of this resulted in me driving all around the campus in search of parking and I actually made myself carsick. I was ready to just skip it altogether. Instead, I persevered and found a spot (finally!) and got there in time for Chris & Thomas. The only thing was that when I got there, all I wanted was a beer, so I had one in the pub part, then found Rocky and April inside the venue.

It was great to see them again. They told me that they turned this one off show at UCSD into a full on vacation. It was their 9 year wedding anniversary and as April said, "It's both of our favorite city." Yay, San Diego. So anyway, they'd been here a few days and were gonna be here through Saturday. Unfortunately, they were hoping to go to the zoo on Friday but that morning it ended up pouring, so I doubt that worked out. They'll just have to come back.

Anyway, Rocky played solo and it was great to see him with only an acoustic guitar and his voice, since even in his most recent instores, he still opts for the electric. He had a 50 minute set, which meant he was able to play a lot of his back catalog, including the Waxwing song I posted earlier. It was, yet again, another amazing chance to see my favorite musician showing yet another side of his talent. And those young college, they LOVE rocky. Apparently his music was on a Starbucks compilation or something, so his fan base is growing. Catch him in the next small venue that you can...while you still can.

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