Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Best Christmas Gift Ever: Eureka Uno Vacuum

This is so embarassing to post. It's late at night, and I should be partying or something, but instead, I'm catching up on blogs. And this wasn't even the planned one, but I have to write about it nonetheless. The thing is, I have a very small apartment. I love it very much- I love my yard, and my location, and my space is my own, but with three cats and a dog, the slightest mess can feel like a huge disaster. When my vacuum broke during the wildfires, I was miserable being stuck in my house with dog hair all over my floor. Do I fix the vacuum I have or just get a new one?

Figuring mine was old enough, and my sister was gonna make a Black Friday run to Target, I had her buy me a new vacuum. I swear, I'm the biggest geek ever to be so stoked about this, because the truth is, if I could afford one, I would've just bought the $400 Dyson months ago. But this is not a Dyson, but for $64 on the Black Friday sale, I cannot say how overjoyed I am. It's light, it's got no bags, and it self propells so fast across my floor that I could barely keep up with it. I don't recommend buying your mom or girlfriend a vacuum for's a little lacking in sentimentality and might actually send a mysogynistic message, but if you want to treat yourself...fuck, this vacuum is awesome.

Here's a really terrible pic of my floor, pre-vacuum. (Again, sorry to Frantic Romantic for having to witness it in person)...then the box, then the Beast, and finally, the floor after I took the Uno to it...

Really, no words can say how happy I am with my new vacuum. It's almost pathetic how happy I am about it. Mostly I'm happy that I got it for $64 and now it's back up to $130 or something like that. It's bagless and in an apartment less than 700 square feet, it drew up 3 full canisters of dog hair. And seriously, it's not like a sty, I keep this place clean, but it got stuff that is beyond seeing. Awesome.

I'm officially done geeking out on my new little robot.

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