Monday, March 02, 2009

2.20.09 --- Dublin, IRE
Severe jet lag sets in. Try/fail to make my own "Portrait of the Artist" moment in the wee hours of the morning. Stumble upon Joyce statue. Reflect.

2.21.09 --- Belfast, IRE

2.23.09 --- London, UK
First of two nights at O2. First thoughts, why have a perfectly standard looking building covered up by an enormous, crab-like, Japanese cartoon apocalyptic looking tent?

2.25.09 --- Nottingham, UK
Hotel snafu. Originally slated to attend NME Awards (the trophy looks like ) with band in London. After short reconsideration, ride crew bus to Birmingham, rent car to Nottingham, see Metallica for the first time since high school. Big goofy lasers, colored pyro, black Metallica-emblazoned beach balls aside, neck still suffers worst case of whiplash since early 2000's. Yes Four Horsemen, No Battery, still one happy camper.

2.26.09 --- Birmingham, UK
Misinformation about Birmingham, definitely not the backwards-ass, hole in the ground town some would have you believe.
Avoided stabbing of any variety. First kebab of tour, standard doner with salad, chili sauce. Skipping flatbread from now on, just doner and chips.

Becomes apparent that Louis XIV has top three contenders for Ping Pong/Table Tennis Championship.

2.28.09 --- Cardiff, Wales
The Welsh hate it when you call it England.
Second kebab of tour.

3.1.09 --- Sutton Coldfield, UK
Sleep in room haunted by 16th century children in oldest castle in UK still standing to have a moat.

Incest is not cool. Neither is incest love poetry. Neither is incest love poetry written by incestuous 16th families who locked their offending incestuous progeny in a room where he wrote a bunch of incest love poetry on the windows by carving it with his diamond ring.

3.4.09 --- Aberdeen, UK
Mutual agreement made with Sean Cornell that not enough blogging happening.

When in doubt Jenga.

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