Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tuesday Newsy Bits

I've got a whole lotta nothin today...I stayed in last night to prep for my little mini-vacation this week. Not even exciting news to share about anything, just a couple concert announcements.

DMB will be playing Coors again this summer. The show falls on my 31st birthday, September 28. Tickets go onsale in April. If you're a fan, you're on your own to remember.

The Sea And Cake have also announced a tour. Unfortunately Loney, Dear will not be supporting on the West Coast dates. They're playing the Belly Up on May 21 with The Zincs as their opener. I haven't seen them play for at least a few years, but they were great live when I did see them. Plus, another great band coming to town who will say "Good evening, Solano Beach!" They Might Be Giants have also added a date on May 19, which I failed to mention before.
Just a note about the Seth Combs CityBeat reviews, the Craig's List postings, and other blogger comments regarding the issue. Obviously, I believe Seth in entitled to his opinion. I write a blog, ffs, where all I do is spout off my own opinions. It was my opinion that his opinions, and his subsequent reviews to express those opinions, were unnecessarily harsh, but if he chooses to rip someone a new one, that is his choice, and it is CityBeat's editorial right to publish that. For someone to go on Craig's List, however, and make slanderous and libelous comments is irresponsible. I do not feel, however, that my linking to those comments endorses them. I am friends with Seth and have no problem with him personally, and even really like his writing (like his article on Cold War Kids), and I can say that he would never do what that CL posting accused him of doing, and in fact, the guy admitted that he did it as a "joke." Seth could choose to make a big deal of it or forgive the idiot and let it go. Because he's a bigger person than most of us, he has already let it go.

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